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Team Rules

Rule Types

Round Robin

Leads will be evenly distributed to all owners belonging to a team. Any new owners added will placed to the back of the current queue.

Weighted Distribution

Leads will be distributed based on weights assigned to each owner in the team. Owners with higher weights will receive more leads than owners with lower weights. Weights can be updated per owner or in bulk.

Changing A Team's Rule

If you want to change the rule for a team, you can do so by the following steps:

  • From the all Teams tab from the left hand navigation, select the team you want to change the rule for
  • Click on the rule type in the upper left corner above the team table Rule type button
  • In the form, select the rule you want update the team to use. By default, the existing rule will be preselected Update team rule form
  • Note the changes on the left side of the form if you do update the team's rule

After changing the rule, you will need to re-publish the team in order for your change to take effect in HubSpot.

Note, weighted owner percentages must add up to 100%